House Extensions and Alterations In Roseneath

House Extensions and Alterations In Roseneath


More than half of our projects are house extensions and alterations in Roseneath. In Roseneath, new building sites are rare, so clients with growing families are deciding to change their own house to gain an additional room or two, additional storage space and some re-planning of the current spaces to create a warm and more functional family home. Although we have completed some alteration projects in Roseneath, the topography here is diverse and generally steep, needing different approaches. There are nonetheless some recurring themes that classify projects as follows:

Internal re-configuration through house extensions and alterations in Roseneath

Original bungalows and villas and state houses from the 40s and 60s are mostly well planned with logical circulation and blueprint of rooms, nonetheless they frequently have the living spaces n the southern side which implies they are dark and cold. Later, speculative housing have a tendency not to be well planned and most houses, have suffered from inferiorly designed alterations and additions over the years. With some mindful re-planning to eradicate unnecessary circulation space, a major difference can be made to how the house works.

Underground house extensions and alterations in Roseneath

Usually, these spaces are not as light, but depending on the property, can offer excellent access to a garden or create a new entrance that is closer to the street.